K A T H E R I N E    S T E I C H E N    R O S I N G  



Espace - Mirabeau

Kagurazaka Buil. 2 F
6-36-1 Kagurazaka

April 22 - May 1, 2014









"Illumination,"      acrylic on wood,     12" x 16"      ©2008

My twin obsessions are forests and water.  I am intrigued by the rhythmic patterns of tree trunks, the quiet spaces in between, and the shape and bark texture of individual trees. Trees are silent, steady watchers, sending roots in search of water and expiring oxygen, while life around them moves and changes.  Falling rain, rippling the surface of ponds, creates patterns that not only remind me of water’s important role in sustaining life, but also how our own actions and words expand out into the world.